A PhotoBlitz, With PhotoFitch

The best thing about a picture, is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.”
Andy Warhol.


Set man those 15 minutes?

Flickr: @fitchthelatebloomer

In this task we basically had to take 15 photos in 15 minutes, and then upload our top 5 to Flickr. I chose to stay at home for this task, purely because I live on Narborough Road, and anyone who knows of the place understands its not the most scenic.

The camera I used was a the Canon EOS 7D, I appreciate not everyone would be able to use a camera of such quality, but I’m quite fortunate that the University allows all students to rent out pretty much whatever you like. Sometimes I just rent out a high-end piece of kit for no reason. The camera worked an absolute treat, however I’m not the most ‘knowledgeable’ photographer, so It was kind of like when an overweight middle aged man spends £8,000 on a road bike, pointless.

The quality of a few of my shots were a little bit poor, this is because I had the ISO turned up too high on a couple of shots, which resulted in them coming out a little bit blurry, however I still feel like most of them were okay.

I like the minimalist approach to photos, and that’s what I tried to create when I took these photos, my first photo was a picture of my watch, if you were paying attention earlier, you would have seen we covered this. I like this photo but the fact that the wrist strap isn’t exactly central is really annoying, and makes the photo lack professionalism. however I like the brightness and the overall quality in the picture, but both of these things are kind of to do with the camera and not me, but i’ll still take the credit, I’m like photography’s John Terry . The next photo task was to ‘make something look more interesting’ This is one of my favourites, its really simple actually, its basically a light fitting, taken from underneath. Its quite interesting to see something you never really pay attention to. Next up was ‘a photo of someones hands’ I chose my flatmate Tom, because he was the only one in the house. I took a picture of Toms hands while he was typing away on his laptop being a busybody, I like the angle I shot this at, however as explained earlier I had the ISO turned too high meaning the shot came out blurry, and looked like it was shot on an iPhone instead of an £700 camera. The following task was to ‘convey human emotion’ again I used Tom as my little puppet, I basically just stood there in silence, and waiting for him to laugh to break the awkward tension, and then just snapped a photo, that’s a good trick if you ever want someone to laugh on cue, make them uncomfortable by almost playing dead. The last photo was one that ’emphasized mostly light tones’ I just took a picture from a nice angle of where I store all my shoes, However I think the lighting is really nice in this picture, and for once it would appear that I got the ISO correct.

If you’re going to do this task I’d highly recommend that you remember to make sure your ISO is set correctly, for instance you don’t want a dark photo because you obviously wont be able to see much, and you don’t want your photo being too bright because it will suck the quality out of your shots. Also always, always, always, use the rule of thirds. I can’t stress enough how much of a difference to your shots this will make, always make sure the subject of your shot is always in the middle box, or for interesting more thought provoking shots try and place your subjects where the two lines meet to create the inner box on the thirds.

Anyway. Please enjoy my Photoblitz below 🙂