BREAKING NEWS: More Daily Creates

#TDC1404 ‘s theme was (aptly enough) ‘Theme Song’, basically if I had a theme song what would it be. The problem here is, there is so many choices, and so little time (quite a lot of time actually, they’re daily, so 24 hours…) Anyway i was stuck between a Skepta, J. Cole or a song from by The Libertines, ’twas a tough decision, but after hours of studying the tapes, and singing/rapping along, I reached my answer, I also decided to rank them from 3-1, just to add a bit of excitement. Enjoy.

In at number 3… Skepta – Reflecting.

Probably one of the few songs I still listen to almost every week since i was about 15, so many great lines in this, my personal favourite though ‘I wouldn’t like me either, If I had a flow like yours that left no space for a breather.Then Skepta comes around…With a flow that breaks down…More times then a P reg Vauxhall Tigra, to book Skepta ain’t getting no cheaper’

Number 2: The Libertines – What a Waster

Some may argue this song is rather symbolic of my life #peakjuans, when i finally got to see the Libertines live in Hyde Park,for their comeback gig 2014, me and my best mate were beyond excited for them to play this, and when they did we lost our sh*t, screaming back at the stage ‘What a waster, what a f*cking waster, you p*ssed it all up the wall’ 

Finally, numero uno J. Cole – Villuminati

No real words to describe this, just J. Cole at his best to be honest, impeccable flow.

#tTDC1388 This time the idea was to show the world my happy place… you don’t need to be a genius to understand the tone in which i read that. This honestly took me about 30-35 minutes, just to think of something, I’m not a heartless person, but I am incredibly naive to everything on earth, meaning i’m rarely affected by anything, nothing is ever bad, or good, so i picked the place where i’ve had the most fun over the years.

Thirteen High Street – Buckingham

13 is pretty much the only bar in my town, and on weekends the whole town descends down there, meaning its the place where you’ve been getting drunk since you were hopping the fence at 16, and now its the place you go to meet up with the same idiots that hopped the fence with you.

#TDC1386 For this task i had to create a tongue twister, it was inspired by the original don Snoop D o double g, and it goes as follows. ‘How much kush could a real cat smoke if a real cat could smoke kush’

if I’m honest with you that is absolutely genius, the way I flipped real cat is a myth, i’m like Nas in his prime.