“Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.”

Steve Jobs



Game Face.

I chose the Lyric Typography Poster (DesignAssignment529) the song I chose to do was, Kanye West: Blame Game, I chose this piece of music because, its one of the best songs on a really great album, but mainly because the wordplay here was one of my favourite lyrics when I first heard it, and I recently re-discovered the song.

‘I heard he bought’ some coke with my money,
that ain’t right girl.
You getting blackmailed,
for that white girl.’

So I chose this particular set of lyrics to do, because whenever I listen to this song, this lyric always makes me laugh, I’m not sure If Its the lyrics themselves, or the auto-tuned voice, either way it always raises a smile.

The software I used was Pixlr, you can either use this software online, or you can download it and use the desktop app, I downloaded it, just because I thought there might be more effects. Either way the online version is probably very similar. Pixlr is really easy to use, and allows you to create basic edits of your images.

To make my design, I basically searched into Google images ‘Cocaine’ and used the first HD image I saw, I then put it into Pixlr, and added some sharpness to it, this is easily done, there are a set of sliders on the left hand side, and you simply adjust them to your liking, it shows you its effects in real time. I then added a stock overlay ‘Black and White #7’ this was the best overlay of black and white in my opinion, after this I changed the ‘Hue’ colouring, I brought the green of the note out, this was done to draw the viewers eyes into the image.

Lastly I added text In Pixlr, usually I wouldn’t, I’d take It out and put It into a better program, because most of the time the stock texts that these free programs have are quite poor. But on this occasion I wanted to do the whole design on Pixlr to see how good the program was.The stock texts that this program had were nice, there are hundreds to choose from and you could get lost In them. The only drawback with this whole program is once you’ve written your text and placed It where you wanted, you couldn’t go back and edit It, this meant that I regularly spent a lot of time deleting, and then re-creating text, just to place it in the right place.

The only thing I really did with the text is place it where I wanted on the image, I just made the last few lines slightly larger in size, I also changed the word ‘black’ to the colour black, both were done to make the image stand out more, if you look closely you can see the text isn’t all the same size, or in line, this is again to make the lyrics stand out and be more prominent.

The program itself is very easy to use, and really basic, so you can create nice basic creations if you so choose, My end piece I’m quite happy with because it sums up the lyric quite well, and looks like some sh*t someone would post on Tumblr.


So quirky. #Edgy


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