Phuket List

These days everyone’s got a Bucket list, and most of them involve travelling to here there and everywhere (Now you find the title of this blog more amusing than offensive right?)

In this task, we were asked to create a visual collage of our Bucket Lists.
When I was 16 I wrote on this tiny little reporter notepad, a list of ‘Goals’, things that I believed I had to achieve before I turned 30. On this list I had 15 different goals, and so far I’ve achieved 3 of them, so not too bad at the moment. In this task though I’ll only tell you my favourite 4.

I chose this assignment because I think its quite nice to put your Bucket List out there for the world to see, because you never know, someone else’s bucket list may align with yours and you could get tips on how to achieve yours. Here’s mine.

Bucket List Visual Assignment
The program I used was an online site called BeFunky , this was the site that was recommended online, and I can see why, its very user friendly. You start with a screen that has 9 empty boxes and you simply click on how many boxes you would like to have in your collage, then you just upload any image you want into any box you like.

Once your images are in the boxes, you can edit them to so they all follow a set style like mine, or just to improve the overall quality of said image. I opted to make all mine black and white, however on the bottom right photo I added a red hue to it, thus bringing the red in Nas’ hat and Cole’s hoody out.

I really enjoyed using Befunky, however I did think that the stock text they had lacked quality and made the whole piece look amateur. But I would definitely use the website again if I was creating something like this.

The reason I picked these 4 to make the collage is because I think these are the ones I want to complete the most. The 1st one is I’d love to run my own clothing line, and to establish a well known brand in street wear clothing, I take a lot of inspiration from BAPE, BBC, and Gosha, however I sometimes feel like some pieces are just slightly overdone, and have always wanted to create Streetwear fashion for the masses.

I’ve always loved music, listening to it and creating it, I like making beats on my laptop, even though I don’t do It as much anymore due to dedicating most of my time to University Work, one day I would love to create my own album, even if I was the only person to ever listen to It. I take inspiration from  loads of different artists all from loads of different genres, I’m a big fan of Neo-soul, and experimental hip-hop, one day i’d love to create an album infused with like 4/5/6 different genres.

When I finish Uni I plan to go to America for a year, and decide if I want to live there, there’s something that’s always drawn me to America, its a mixture of lots of different things really, the fashion, the music, the food, the sport, the weather. Even though its on my list of goals, who knows if I will actually enjoy It. It’d be interesting to see If the American Dream is real or, If Its all a lie sold to us by the the Americans.

Lastly I’ve always wanted to inspire someone, whether that’s through teaching, or just through something I’ve produced, I’ve always kind of wanted it to be musically though, as almost everyone I’m inspired by has created someone just as incredible as them, for instance Kanye was inspired by Jay-Z, and in the photo I used J. Cole was inspired by Nas.


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