Never Judge A WebPage By Its Cover

“I’m looking for a girlfriend. That’s why I brought binoculars.”
– Jarod Kintz


Obamaninocular’s: The result, of Googling Goggles.

Here is the original article I chose, before remixing it.

If I’m being truthful, this wasn’t an assignment I thought I’d enjoy, saying that, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that these X-Ray Goggles are the best thing to happen to the internet since Supa Hot Fire.

So these little X-Ray Goggles allow you to re-create any page on the internet, obviously your creation doesn’t replace the existing webpage, that could potentially be dangerous, however it does allow you to publish this page and it has its own web address, meaning you can fool your unknowing friends. (Try it!)

After deliberating for around 30 minutes on what I was going to create, I finally focused my attention towards football, and recreating an article on one of the lesser quality papers (The Sun, The Mail, The Metro etc…) None of which are really producing quality pieces anyway, so it might seem more believable.

The reason I think these little X Ray Goggles are brilliant are because it allows anyone to code, usually coding is reserved for the most hardcore computer geeks, but these Goggles are incredibly user friendly. You simply put the Goggles in your bookmarks panel at the top of Google Chrome, and then click on it. BOOM! they’re activated (can be deactivated by pressing your ESC key). From here you can click on anything on the web page, a picture, a video, some text, and edit it till your hearts contempt. Obviously editing pictures and video requires some knowledge of writing code, but text can literally be deleted and you can insert your own. The best part is it looks incredibly professional, if you haven’t heard of the Goggles then you would think it’s a real webpage.

The tip is to read a few articles on said Newspaper, I know this is difficult because, lets say if you chose The Sun you may struggle to actually make it through these articles, but it helps to understand the way they write their pieces, I say write… Anyway this all adds to the overall feel of your fake article, and makes the piece look more realistic.

My page was titled ‘Paul Scholes, Voted The Ugliest Sports Personality Of The Year‘*. Some may say harsh, that’s probably because these people aren’t Liverpool fans, you see for years we (Liverpool, as if I play for them or something) had to see Paul propel his club to incredible heights by playing beautiful football, and we never really had an argument, apart from the fact that he is hideous. Trivial. Petty. Tragic. Is what many would describe this webpage as, but to those people I say, p*ss off.

Paul Scholes was like the odious toad who wouldn’t leave the pond to allow the other, better, prettier fish to roam free, the unloved schoolchild who would always talk in class when people actually wanted to listen, you know the pr*ck you couldn’t call a pr*ck because, well he didn’t really do anything wrong, you just didn’t like him.

If you want to create a page like this (maybe with less hatred) you really should give it a go, these Goggles are so easy its ridiculous, very user friendly and welcoming, 9/10 would Goggle’s again.

*That’s the link for the completed webpage I created.


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