I said… ‘Slow It Dowwwwn’

“No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.”
– Billy Joel

Billy Joel

The Piano Man himself.


As I do mention quite a bit throughout my blog, I am a lover of music. Music in all shapes and sizes is ‘bae‘. I’m always listening to new music, and always adding to my collection, so it was obvious that I was going to pick a music assignment when doing the ‘Audio Assignments’.

The task I chose was to slow a track down to 800%, in an attempt to make it sound like whale noises, you know the stuff people listen to in order to relax. The task is pretty straightforward, what makes it taxing is finding a song that doesn’t sound horrible when slowed down.

The song I chose was Cozz FT Bas: Tabs

Its actually quite tough finding a song that works well slowed down at 800%, however I finally settled on this one, I picked this because the intro sounded really nice when I slowed it down meaning that I could make a 4 minute piece from just the intro.

This song is from the ‘Revenge Of The Dreamers 2‘ Mix-tape, from Dreamville Studio’s, which is owned by hip hop star, J. Cole, this was a really great mix-tape, that showed off some of the upcoming talent that J. Cole has signed to his label, its great to see young artists coming through and making new age tracks with an old school feel.

This is actually really easy to create, you simply place your track in audition, and then take it over to the Waveform instead of multi-track, you click on the effects tab, go down to ‘Time and Pitch’ and click on ‘Stretch & Pitch (Process)’ doing this will then bring up another tab, this will let you control the stretch (time) and pitch of your track. Now put your track to ‘800’ and hit the space-bar, this gives you a real-time preview of your track. Next you want to alter your pitch. There is no right way to alter your pitch, as every song will be different, so play around with it and see what sounds best, its usually best to work around 0 (e.g. -5/0/5.)

This is quite an easy assignment to do, but it is rather rewarding, its kind of cool to see a song you like slowed down, and sounding like one of those things a rich businessman listens to when he needs to de-stress after a tough day winning the bread for his familia.

Here’s my version 🙂


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