Giff Rhys Jones

“Now, Piers Morgan is a bit of ****”
Griff Rhys Jones


Griff-in Eck!


Who doesn’t love a good Gif?! Gif’s are some of the best things on the internet, and whenever I’m on Twitter and someone posts one, I have to look! Throughout my blogging experience, I’ve now had the opportunity to make 2 of these little treacle’s, and I enjoyed them both greatly. This time the Gif had to based around ‘people celebrating too early‘. Can’t go wrong with this, there are so many videos on YouTube that are dedicated to people celebrating too early, and I struggled to pick between my two favourites, Desean Jackson being an idiot, I love this one because I actually watched this game on Sky Sports ages ago with my Dad, and we still laugh about it now, or this Oregon runner being a bit too eager. After many laughs and much deliberation I finally settled on the Oregon runner.

To make my Gif I used (as recommended) MakeAGif this site is really easy to use, you simply put the URL of your video into the creator and select at what point you would like the video to start from, the website automatically sets the end point (because the Gif can’t be more than 5 seconds.) Its so quick and easy that you almost feel like its unfair you’re taking the credit, not unfair enough to not take the credit though.

If I had one problem with this website though, it would be that unfortunately you then have a gif, that is plastered in advertisement, obviously they can’t just give this away for free and not get anything from it, so your Gif ends up looking like a Professional Cyclists kit.

When all is said and done though, this is by far the easiest way to make a Gif, so if you’ve always wanted to make one but thought ‘that seems like a lot of effort’ trust me its not, and its something that is well worth the 2 minutes it takes. Just. Do. IT

Hope you enjoy my Gif!


Look at this fool


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