Bangers & Mash(Up)

“I f*cking love a Big Mac Me”
– Danny Dyer*


Danny Dyer at the Run for Your Wife premiere, 2013

Awwright Guv?

*Don’t ask about the Danny Dyer reference.

The mashup assignment I chose was the ’10 second song mashup challenge’ in this challenge you basically had to stick 3 songs together to make an amalgamation (good word eh?) that lasted 10 seconds, and made sense. This was harder than it looked, I spent like 45 minutes on making a 10 second piece of music sound audible.

To do this task you need to pick 3 or 4 songs that you love, and find some way of making them seem as if they were originally recorded like that, sounds easy, but can be tough, below is a guide that should make it a bit easier.

The Three Songs I chose were

1 – J. Cole: A Tale Of Two Citiez

2 – Chance The Rapper FT Childish Gambino: Favourite Song

3 – Earl Sweatshirt FT Casey Veggies

I found certain pieces of each song so that it told a story. So I started with the pre-hook from ‘A Tale Of 2 Cities’. I used Adobe Audition for editing, its because its ‘industry standard’ (and because everything at my uni is graded with Audition.) Before you even start trimming your clips you want to listen to all the songs at least once through and make a note of what lyrics you want to take out from it, I found that writing down the exact times of these lyrics was my best bet. You can do this in Audition and just create markers, but if you’re not comfortable with the program Its best to stick with a pen and paper.

Next up put all your music in audition and then use the cutter tool to locate the bits of audio you wanted earlier, this is why making a note of the times makes it a lot easier. You’ll want to clip your music and lyrics, to the beat, every 4 beats is best. This is key because you will really struggle to make your audio flow as all the beats will be off, (they need to be even e.g 4,8,16.) Now you’ve got your clips this should now be a case of putting all 3 clips in an order that makes sense, but in regards to editing and making sure it sounds nice, you want to overlay the beats, again this is why you want them to be ‘even’ . Luckily for me I chose 3 songs of the same genre, so I located the first drum beat of each song, and laid them over each other,this is done by overlapping the layers, so for instance I’d have the 1st song on layer 3, 2nd on layer 2, and last on layer 1, whatever the layer that’s on top, for instance 1, is on top of 2, the layer on top is the more dominant, and the one you’ll hear the most sound from.

The task seems simple when you read it, but the key really is making sure all 3 songs blend into one, and making it tell a story, Its a fun task, and one that allows you to show others what music you’re into, Its also quite fun to show your friends and try and get them to guess what songs they are!

Enjoy my 10 second mashup 🙂


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