An Ode To Kanye

“My greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live”
– Kanye West




The home video task I easily enjoyed the most. In this task you were asked to create a video of someone you idolize that captured the essence of the person, and all the things that make them your Idol. I chose Kanye West, for people that know me this won’t be a surprise. Kanye is one of the few people on this earth I think incredibly highly of, mainly because he’s achieved most of the things I’ve wanted in life already, and he’s only 38.

Kanye was Marmite, before Marmite, became Marmite. The original love him or hate him, although most people I have encountered understand Kanye’s brilliance, a fair few despise him. 9 times out of 10 this is because they don’t generally understand Kanye’s action’s, and just see him as an egotistical maniac.

On the recent release of TLOP I actually paid for a ticket to go watch the album premiered alongside the release of Yeezy Season 3. The experience was actually incredible, I’ve seen Kanye perform live in Birmingham, but for some reason this experience was slightly better. Maybe because it was such a ground breaking achievement , to see someone premiere an album at Madison Square Garden, to see him show his collection at MSG, or even just seeing hip-hop stars all dancing around, smoking inside, and treating this huge arena like their home. It was inspiring to see people that have spent a long time honing their craft, and doing their part for the scene, and then as a collective all uniting to party for a few hours in arguably the biggest arena on earth.

My ‘Ode To Kanye’ is something I’m quite proud of because, I feel like I have captured the essence of Kanye quite well, from his artistic brilliance of ‘Runaway (Short Film)‘ to his blunt honesty in interviews, all the little bits that should help others to maybe understand him more as an artist.

One of my favourite moments on Kanye’s long timeline of brilliance, was when he revealed Yeezy Season 1, I tried to create a homage to it in this video, I first decided to change the song, I used the 1st track from his new album ‘The Life Of Pablo’. I felt this song was more uplifting than the track that played during the unveiling. I then cut up the video into 3 sections, I did all my editing in Adobe Premiere Pro. In my opinion its probably the easiest to use of all the higher end editing software’s, it allows you to make really neat cuts, and add basic effects to your shots. When it comes to editing, like everything else, I prefer the sleek, professional, minimalist approach. I feel like over editing and placing effects over shots can sometimes ruin them, the best thing to do (if needed) is either to black and white your shots, or to clean up your shots with the various colour correction options available in Adobe Premiere Pro.

If you want to use a similar style to mine, the best idea is to take videos from your idols career, and place them in Premiere Pro, then you want to slow the clips down to around 50%, this creates the nice looking slow-mo shots, next you want to cut out any ‘filler’ parts of the video, what I mean by this, is if your video is someone walking in slo mo for 10 seconds, cut out the bits between, 2-4s, and 6-8s, then place the remaining clips together, and you’ll see person will be walking in slow motion, but with little jump cuts to the middle and end. If you want to make it look as though the cuts are ‘flashing‘, you’ll want to place these clips, 0.1 seconds apart from each other.

The credit roll  I created was quite simple really, I downloaded a ‘Kanye Supercut‘ from YouTube, with KeepVid. I then put it into Premiere Pro, afterwards I had to unlink the audio from the video. This allowed me to customise what is shown on the screen without changing the audio and having dead sound. Now the way to make the titles play over the audio, is to take your cutting tool, and cut out 3-5 seconds of the video, be careful to never move the placing of the whole video, because this will cause the audio and the video to delay, meaning the speech will be out of sync with the video. You then simply remove the 3-5s video clip from the project, and replace it with your title, its very simple, but it helps make your credits look more interesting.

Sourcing your clips is probably the most important part of the process, because you can’t really do much if your video is poor quality, or just boring. If this person is your Idol you probably have a rough idea of what clips you’re going to use and where from, but remember to source ‘HD’ clips, this is so important because the quality of your clips will deteriorate through the multiple compression’s, e.g downloading and rending after Premiere Pro.

Overall though this was probably my favourite assignment to do, and it took me only around 3 hours to complete, but its quite fun looking for material on your idol, because you stumble upon old gems that you’d forgotten about, I spent around 15 minutes laughing at old Kanye interviews, and then a further 30 minutes listening to his old songs that I used to love from childhood. This is one I would encourage everyone to try for the Home Video assignment.

Enjoy my ‘Ode To Kanye’ I used an alternative to YouTube, this is because YouTube are known for taking down peoples work, so I used Dailymotion instead.


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