Would Never Have Guessed, Another Daily Creates.

This Daily create was #TDC1411 Red, it was to find the closest thing to you that is red,and take a photo of it, my object wasn’t very exciting tbh, so i tried to make it look like one of those photo’s you would see on Buzzfeed, #Cool#Edgy #Banking #OnTheGo #NewWave those ones.


Shoutout the Santander Cru.

#TDC1408 was to draw a quick sketch of a dream you’ve had recently and describe it in less than 120 characters.



Drake brought me on stage as a guest, and said ‘a soiree fulla b*tches where ever James Fitch is’ that was pretty much it, then just partied a little bit.


This was actually an old daily create it was #TDC1378 The Eight Day, if i had to make an extra day it would be called #Nasday on this day you could do anything you wanted as long as it could be referenced to the rapper Nas, feel free to take the day off and just listen to his music, or whatever really, as long as you can make it link.


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