Social Media

What is Social Media? Well to Google it is websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. For me though its more than that, its a way of communicating with people you don’t see every day, and extending your relationships with people you already know, Its a way of allowing people to see what your life is really like, or what you want them to believe its like, for instance what better way of telling everyone that you are financially secure, by posting 100s of photos of a holiday to an expensive place?

The other side of social media which is in my opinion much more interesting, is the way in which it can be used for market research, sometimes it feels like the whole internet is peer pressuring me into buying things, for instance if I’ve looked on a page on ASOS for a jumper, I can be on Facebook the next day, and see an advert from ASOS on my homepage with the exact item I’ve been looking at. Brands are spending more time on their online presence now because its such a great market, over 57% of adults follow a brand on Twitter. Due to this in 2015 Online advertising will make up 25% of the ENTIRE advertising market, stats like these make you realise how far social media has come (both for personal, and business) and yet how far it can still go, makes you realise the great power of the machine itself.

Anyway, here are some links to other accounts.


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