My next task was to create a gif of my favourite film, the title has nothing to do with it, infact I hate Harry Potter, however I’ll do anything for a pun, and that’s a good one. The film I actually picked was Green Street. I could have made a gif from any of Pete Dunham, my hero growing up, and the actor Charlie Hunnam has the worst cockney accent of all time. The gif I made in the end was from the scene where Pete is covered in blood screaming ‘YOU SHOULD’VE PROTECTED HIM MATE!’


The gif was pretty simple to make if i’m honest, I first went to youtube to find the scene i wanted, then i used KeepVid to download the video, I then put it into movie maker, sometimes I like using Movie maker, brings be back to year 8 I.C.T lessons. after that I went to an online site called imgflip and they did the rest.

I actually think for my 1st gif its alright, probably could have done with some subtitles though, however its an easy process so I would be tempted to do more in the future.


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