Would Never Have Guessed, Another Daily Creates.

This Daily create was #TDC1411 Red, it was to find the closest thing to you that is red,and take a photo of it, my object wasn’t very exciting tbh, so i tried to make it look like one of those photo’s you would see on Buzzfeed, #Cool#Edgy #Banking #OnTheGo #NewWave those ones.


Shoutout the Santander Cru.

#TDC1408 was to draw a quick sketch of a dream you’ve had recently and describe it in less than 120 characters.



Drake brought me on stage as a guest, and said ‘a soiree fulla b*tches where ever James Fitch is’ that was pretty much it, then just partied a little bit.


This was actually an old daily create it was #TDC1378 The Eight Day, if i had to make an extra day it would be called #Nasday on this day you could do anything you wanted as long as it could be referenced to the rapper Nas, feel free to take the day off and just listen to his music, or whatever really, as long as you can make it link.


Warrior: A Real Mans Cinderella Story

Kurt Vonnegut’s theory that all stories effectively follow the same story, is true for every film you’ve ever seen, there are 8 categories that the film can fall into, Man in the Hole, Boy Meets Girl, From Bad To Worse, Which way is up, Creation Story, Old Testament, New testament, and finally the one i’ll be focusing on today the Cinderella Story, the Cinderella story is quite self explanatory, it copies the plot of Cinderella, so to start off the protagonist is at the bottom of the happiness scale,  they slowly then begin to get happier, before a big event, which leads to something rather negative, which then brings us to what is usually the last 30-45 minutes of the film, the big finish, this shows the main character, working there way up from absolutely nothing, to ultimate elation. Below i’ll explain how this film fits the theory.

Also don’t be a d*ck, there is obviously going to be spoilers.


IMDB Rating: 8.2/10

Stage 1 – Establishing the Characters

So the film starts off and we meet all of the big 3 characters in the first 15 minutes, Tommy Conlon and his father Paddy, are introduced first, Tommy has returned from being AWOL for a number of years, and has returned to see his father, Tommy resents his father, and his father is ex boxer, who is also a recovering alcoholic, although we don’t know anything about Tommy (he’s an enigma for the first 45 minutes) we do get the sense that he has no hope, we then go across to Brendan Conlon, big Brendan is living the American dream, hes a teacher at the local high school, with a large lavish house, a hot wife, with 2 beautiful kids, and gym in his garage. However all is not what it seems, as Brendan and his wife are struggling to stay afloat #DeadBroke, Brendan tells his wife he is bouncing at a local club on nights after teaching to get more money, but Brendan is actually going there to be paid for bare-knuckle boxing,

Stage 2 – The Come up

Now both brothers start going to the gym, in Tommy’s gym he knocks out Pete ‘Mad Dog’ Grimes, after Grimes’ manager offers any fighter $200 to get in the ring and spar with Mad Dog, the session is filmed by someone in the gym and uploaded to Youtube, He starts training with his father who improves him in a sort of BBC Sports style montage, next thing we know Tommy’s a household name with every Tom, Dick, and Harry, wanting him to compete in ‘Sparta’ ,Sparta is the upcoming MMA event which is (as they describe it) the fighting equivalent of The Superbowl, its a winner takes all sort of situation, where the winner gets 5 million dollars. So now a clip out of nowhere has surfaced showing Tommy rip off the door of a tank while on a tour in Afghanistan or something, so everyone is now like ‘ohhhhh sh*t this guys a hero’. Tommy goes to visit the old army friends wife, his friend died while on tour with Tommy, then we realise that Tommy is supporting this women, and as an audience we think Tommy (who by the way was horrible at the start) is now the dogs b*llocks.

Okay so now its Brendan’s go on the camera, he wins a very close fight in in the parking lot of a strip club in his bare-knuckle league, and his face resembles the elephant man…if he had hay-fever… in high pollen season. Brendan goes to work the next day, and his face is a mess, his students see and know about how he got it, leading him to be fired. Brendan doesn’t have a chance, Leading him to have to go to his old trainer FRANK CAMPANA – quick sidebar, watch this film, for him- Frank is a legend, a very eccentric man, who trains his fighters to classical music to improve their timing and rhythm . Another boxing montage later, and Brendan is at full strength, and in his prime. and then OUTTA NOWHERE Frank’s lead MMA fighter suffers an injury keeping him out of Sparta… 2 seconds later, big man Brendan is back in the game and is now Franks fighter for Sparta.

Stage 3 – Pre Finale so after the inevitable endless media and press conferences that usually come before a big fight, we then see the brothers get through their first 3 fights, leaving a final showdown for 5 million dollars, between the two brothers, as an audience, our allegiances are crossed, both brothers have very compelling stories, and we have to choose one, also this is a pivotal point, because we’re always unsure who the main character is until they eventually win, but before we even get a second to decide who we prefer, BAM, we find out Tommy’s real identity, a man who changed is second name from Conlon to Riorden because he ran away from the war in Iraq, he is set to be arrested after the fight, however you would think Americans would be shocked that he has ran away from the army right? Nope, they’re more amazed that the two fighting in the final are brothers, and now the fight is even more hyped.

Stage 4 – Lé Finale – Ultimate Elation.

As they walk in we see Tommy without his father in his corner, Brendan asks where he is but Tommy won’t say, (I wont ruin why he’s not there) as the fight kicks off, a visibly angry Tommy lays into his brother in the first round, absolutely pummeling Big Brendz face. As we enter the 2nd round, it is effectively much of the same, endless shots to Brendan’s face. Now in the 3rd round, Tommy starts off once again by battering Brendan, but Brendan manages to get his brother in a hold midway through, Tommy attempts to struggle free and then a loud CRACK, is heard, well Tommy’s only gone and snapped his tendon in his arm. Brendan sees this and calls to his trainer in the 3rd round break to stop the fight as he knows his brother is injured. Big Franky Campana though is having none of it, after all there is 5 million up for grabs, he tells Brendz to man up and finish off the fight. Its the 4th round, and as it starts we can see Tommy’s arm is f*cked, but he wishes to continue, and Brendan attempts many times to tell Tommy to quit and stop however its evident Tommy isn’t going to, therefore Brendan decides to just finish it off, he grabs Tommy and throws him to the floor, targeting the injured arm, while hes got Tommy in the hold, both main are visibily tired and emotional, tears roll down their faces, and yours. We then hear Brendan tell his brother he loves him before finishing off the submission and making Tommy tap, big Brendan has only gone and done it. The whole audience is effectively in tears as Brendan rushes to his brothers aid, and helps him leave the arena.

This film is really interesting to apply the Cinderella theory to, because its not your conventional story, as it has 2 heros that battle against each-other, and also lots of other features, but in terms of a timeline it follows almost exactly the same form


Vonnegut’s Cinderella Theory

Warrior Diagram

Warriors timeline of events.


My next task was to create a gif of my favourite film, the title has nothing to do with it, infact I hate Harry Potter, however I’ll do anything for a pun, and that’s a good one. The film I actually picked was Green Street. I could have made a gif from any of Pete Dunham, my hero growing up, and the actor Charlie Hunnam has the worst cockney accent of all time. The gif I made in the end was from the scene where Pete is covered in blood screaming ‘YOU SHOULD’VE PROTECTED HIM MATE!’


The gif was pretty simple to make if i’m honest, I first went to youtube to find the scene i wanted, then i used KeepVid to download the video, I then put it into movie maker, sometimes I like using Movie maker, brings be back to year 8 I.C.T lessons. after that I went to an online site called imgflip and they did the rest.

I actually think for my 1st gif its alright, probably could have done with some subtitles though, however its an easy process so I would be tempted to do more in the future.

BREAKING NEWS: More Daily Creates

#TDC1404 ‘s theme was (aptly enough) ‘Theme Song’, basically if I had a theme song what would it be. The problem here is, there is so many choices, and so little time (quite a lot of time actually, they’re daily, so 24 hours…) Anyway i was stuck between a Skepta, J. Cole or a song from by The Libertines, ’twas a tough decision, but after hours of studying the tapes, and singing/rapping along, I reached my answer, I also decided to rank them from 3-1, just to add a bit of excitement. Enjoy.

In at number 3… Skepta – Reflecting.

Probably one of the few songs I still listen to almost every week since i was about 15, so many great lines in this, my personal favourite though ‘I wouldn’t like me either, If I had a flow like yours that left no space for a breather.Then Skepta comes around…With a flow that breaks down…More times then a P reg Vauxhall Tigra, to book Skepta ain’t getting no cheaper’

Number 2: The Libertines – What a Waster

Some may argue this song is rather symbolic of my life #peakjuans, when i finally got to see the Libertines live in Hyde Park,for their comeback gig 2014, me and my best mate were beyond excited for them to play this, and when they did we lost our sh*t, screaming back at the stage ‘What a waster, what a f*cking waster, you p*ssed it all up the wall’ 

Finally, numero uno J. Cole – Villuminati

No real words to describe this, just J. Cole at his best to be honest, impeccable flow.

#tTDC1388 This time the idea was to show the world my happy place… you don’t need to be a genius to understand the tone in which i read that. This honestly took me about 30-35 minutes, just to think of something, I’m not a heartless person, but I am incredibly naive to everything on earth, meaning i’m rarely affected by anything, nothing is ever bad, or good, so i picked the place where i’ve had the most fun over the years.

Thirteen High Street – Buckingham

13 is pretty much the only bar in my town, and on weekends the whole town descends down there, meaning its the place where you’ve been getting drunk since you were hopping the fence at 16, and now its the place you go to meet up with the same idiots that hopped the fence with you.

#TDC1386 For this task i had to create a tongue twister, it was inspired by the original don Snoop D o double g, and it goes as follows. ‘How much kush could a real cat smoke if a real cat could smoke kush’

if I’m honest with you that is absolutely genius, the way I flipped real cat is a myth, i’m like Nas in his prime.

Social Media

What is Social Media? Well to Google it is websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. For me though its more than that, its a way of communicating with people you don’t see every day, and extending your relationships with people you already know, Its a way of allowing people to see what your life is really like, or what you want them to believe its like, for instance what better way of telling everyone that you are financially secure, by posting 100s of photos of a holiday to an expensive place?

The other side of social media which is in my opinion much more interesting, is the way in which it can be used for market research, sometimes it feels like the whole internet is peer pressuring me into buying things, for instance if I’ve looked on a page on ASOS for a jumper, I can be on Facebook the next day, and see an advert from ASOS on my homepage with the exact item I’ve been looking at. Brands are spending more time on their online presence now because its such a great market, over 57% of adults follow a brand on Twitter. Due to this in 2015 Online advertising will make up 25% of the ENTIRE advertising market, stats like these make you realise how far social media has come (both for personal, and business) and yet how far it can still go, makes you realise the great power of the machine itself.

Anyway, here are some links to other accounts.

Daily Creates

Daily Creates have been a bit of a struggle for me, the process itself its a great idea, its just the topics really never seem to be something i can be motivated by, however after doing them every day, i did run into one or two that i enjoyed, here they are.

This was actually Daily Create #TDC1387 and the theme was to create a missing poster for anything you wanted. I decided to choose Eden Hazard, for those of you who aren’t interested in Football, Hazard is a key player for Chelsea FC who have been struggling in the Premier League of late, and a large part of their poor performances, comes from Hazard not performing to his highest level.

I use Paint for a lot of Daily Creates, not because i’m too lazy to develop time and effort in a more complex program, but because i don’t feel like a Daily Create needs to have all the added sides, also paint is mad fun.

Missing person report.

Missing person report.

TDC 1385

Drake Calligraphy,  the task was to create creative hand drawn versions of Drake lyrics, this was potentially the only Daily Creates that didn’t take me more than 10 minutes, as a big Drake fan i had so so many lyrics I could have done, i finally decided to go for a lyric from Fireworks from the thank me later album.

There are about 50 lyrics i could have done for this song, but i settled on this one

Drizzy Drake

I’m just such a gentleman, you should give it up for me, look at how i’m placing all my napkins and my cutlery.

The Luckiest Day… #tdc1376

The luckiest day, wake up around 9am (seize the day and all that) jump out of bed, the showers free, 10am, ready to leave the house, quick stop in one stop to get a quick scratchcard, i’ve got my lucky 20p in my wallet (i once won a £100 on a scratchy, and have kept the 20p ever since) win a 50 quid, into William Hill, pop £50 on Liverpool to Beat United, with a Jordan Henderson hat-trick, all three scored down the kop end, Odds of 35000/1. And you can clearly see where the story is going from here…