An Ode To Kanye

“My greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live”
– Kanye West




The home video task I easily enjoyed the most. In this task you were asked to create a video of someone you idolize that captured the essence of the person, and all the things that make them your Idol. I chose Kanye West, for people that know me this won’t be a surprise. Kanye is one of the few people on this earth I think incredibly highly of, mainly because he’s achieved most of the things I’ve wanted in life already, and he’s only 38.

Kanye was Marmite, before Marmite, became Marmite. The original love him or hate him, although most people I have encountered understand Kanye’s brilliance, a fair few despise him. 9 times out of 10 this is because they don’t generally understand Kanye’s action’s, and just see him as an egotistical maniac.

On the recent release of TLOP I actually paid for a ticket to go watch the album premiered alongside the release of Yeezy Season 3. The experience was actually incredible, I’ve seen Kanye perform live in Birmingham, but for some reason this experience was slightly better. Maybe because it was such a ground breaking achievement , to see someone premiere an album at Madison Square Garden, to see him show his collection at MSG, or even just seeing hip-hop stars all dancing around, smoking inside, and treating this huge arena like their home. It was inspiring to see people that have spent a long time honing their craft, and doing their part for the scene, and then as a collective all uniting to party for a few hours in arguably the biggest arena on earth.

My ‘Ode To Kanye’ is something I’m quite proud of because, I feel like I have captured the essence of Kanye quite well, from his artistic brilliance of ‘Runaway (Short Film)‘ to his blunt honesty in interviews, all the little bits that should help others to maybe understand him more as an artist.

One of my favourite moments on Kanye’s long timeline of brilliance, was when he revealed Yeezy Season 1, I tried to create a homage to it in this video, I first decided to change the song, I used the 1st track from his new album ‘The Life Of Pablo’. I felt this song was more uplifting than the track that played during the unveiling. I then cut up the video into 3 sections, I did all my editing in Adobe Premiere Pro. In my opinion its probably the easiest to use of all the higher end editing software’s, it allows you to make really neat cuts, and add basic effects to your shots. When it comes to editing, like everything else, I prefer the sleek, professional, minimalist approach. I feel like over editing and placing effects over shots can sometimes ruin them, the best thing to do (if needed) is either to black and white your shots, or to clean up your shots with the various colour correction options available in Adobe Premiere Pro.

If you want to use a similar style to mine, the best idea is to take videos from your idols career, and place them in Premiere Pro, then you want to slow the clips down to around 50%, this creates the nice looking slow-mo shots, next you want to cut out any ‘filler’ parts of the video, what I mean by this, is if your video is someone walking in slo mo for 10 seconds, cut out the bits between, 2-4s, and 6-8s, then place the remaining clips together, and you’ll see person will be walking in slow motion, but with little jump cuts to the middle and end. If you want to make it look as though the cuts are ‘flashing‘, you’ll want to place these clips, 0.1 seconds apart from each other.

The credit roll  I created was quite simple really, I downloaded a ‘Kanye Supercut‘ from YouTube, with KeepVid. I then put it into Premiere Pro, afterwards I had to unlink the audio from the video. This allowed me to customise what is shown on the screen without changing the audio and having dead sound. Now the way to make the titles play over the audio, is to take your cutting tool, and cut out 3-5 seconds of the video, be careful to never move the placing of the whole video, because this will cause the audio and the video to delay, meaning the speech will be out of sync with the video. You then simply remove the 3-5s video clip from the project, and replace it with your title, its very simple, but it helps make your credits look more interesting.

Sourcing your clips is probably the most important part of the process, because you can’t really do much if your video is poor quality, or just boring. If this person is your Idol you probably have a rough idea of what clips you’re going to use and where from, but remember to source ‘HD’ clips, this is so important because the quality of your clips will deteriorate through the multiple compression’s, e.g downloading and rending after Premiere Pro.

Overall though this was probably my favourite assignment to do, and it took me only around 3 hours to complete, but its quite fun looking for material on your idol, because you stumble upon old gems that you’d forgotten about, I spent around 15 minutes laughing at old Kanye interviews, and then a further 30 minutes listening to his old songs that I used to love from childhood. This is one I would encourage everyone to try for the Home Video assignment.

Enjoy my ‘Ode To Kanye’ I used an alternative to YouTube, this is because YouTube are known for taking down peoples work, so I used Dailymotion instead.

Bangers & Mash(Up)

“I f*cking love a Big Mac Me”
– Danny Dyer*


Danny Dyer at the Run for Your Wife premiere, 2013

Awwright Guv?

*Don’t ask about the Danny Dyer reference.

The mashup assignment I chose was the ’10 second song mashup challenge’ in this challenge you basically had to stick 3 songs together to make an amalgamation (good word eh?) that lasted 10 seconds, and made sense. This was harder than it looked, I spent like 45 minutes on making a 10 second piece of music sound audible.

To do this task you need to pick 3 or 4 songs that you love, and find some way of making them seem as if they were originally recorded like that, sounds easy, but can be tough, below is a guide that should make it a bit easier.

The Three Songs I chose were

1 – J. Cole: A Tale Of Two Citiez

2 – Chance The Rapper FT Childish Gambino: Favourite Song

3 – Earl Sweatshirt FT Casey Veggies

I found certain pieces of each song so that it told a story. So I started with the pre-hook from ‘A Tale Of 2 Cities’. I used Adobe Audition for editing, its because its ‘industry standard’ (and because everything at my uni is graded with Audition.) Before you even start trimming your clips you want to listen to all the songs at least once through and make a note of what lyrics you want to take out from it, I found that writing down the exact times of these lyrics was my best bet. You can do this in Audition and just create markers, but if you’re not comfortable with the program Its best to stick with a pen and paper.

Next up put all your music in audition and then use the cutter tool to locate the bits of audio you wanted earlier, this is why making a note of the times makes it a lot easier. You’ll want to clip your music and lyrics, to the beat, every 4 beats is best. This is key because you will really struggle to make your audio flow as all the beats will be off, (they need to be even e.g 4,8,16.) Now you’ve got your clips this should now be a case of putting all 3 clips in an order that makes sense, but in regards to editing and making sure it sounds nice, you want to overlay the beats, again this is why you want them to be ‘even’ . Luckily for me I chose 3 songs of the same genre, so I located the first drum beat of each song, and laid them over each other,this is done by overlapping the layers, so for instance I’d have the 1st song on layer 3, 2nd on layer 2, and last on layer 1, whatever the layer that’s on top, for instance 1, is on top of 2, the layer on top is the more dominant, and the one you’ll hear the most sound from.

The task seems simple when you read it, but the key really is making sure all 3 songs blend into one, and making it tell a story, Its a fun task, and one that allows you to show others what music you’re into, Its also quite fun to show your friends and try and get them to guess what songs they are!

Enjoy my 10 second mashup 🙂

I said… ‘Slow It Dowwwwn’

“No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.”
– Billy Joel

Billy Joel

The Piano Man himself.


As I do mention quite a bit throughout my blog, I am a lover of music. Music in all shapes and sizes is ‘bae‘. I’m always listening to new music, and always adding to my collection, so it was obvious that I was going to pick a music assignment when doing the ‘Audio Assignments’.

The task I chose was to slow a track down to 800%, in an attempt to make it sound like whale noises, you know the stuff people listen to in order to relax. The task is pretty straightforward, what makes it taxing is finding a song that doesn’t sound horrible when slowed down.

The song I chose was Cozz FT Bas: Tabs

Its actually quite tough finding a song that works well slowed down at 800%, however I finally settled on this one, I picked this because the intro sounded really nice when I slowed it down meaning that I could make a 4 minute piece from just the intro.

This song is from the ‘Revenge Of The Dreamers 2‘ Mix-tape, from Dreamville Studio’s, which is owned by hip hop star, J. Cole, this was a really great mix-tape, that showed off some of the upcoming talent that J. Cole has signed to his label, its great to see young artists coming through and making new age tracks with an old school feel.

This is actually really easy to create, you simply place your track in audition, and then take it over to the Waveform instead of multi-track, you click on the effects tab, go down to ‘Time and Pitch’ and click on ‘Stretch & Pitch (Process)’ doing this will then bring up another tab, this will let you control the stretch (time) and pitch of your track. Now put your track to ‘800’ and hit the space-bar, this gives you a real-time preview of your track. Next you want to alter your pitch. There is no right way to alter your pitch, as every song will be different, so play around with it and see what sounds best, its usually best to work around 0 (e.g. -5/0/5.)

This is quite an easy assignment to do, but it is rather rewarding, its kind of cool to see a song you like slowed down, and sounding like one of those things a rich businessman listens to when he needs to de-stress after a tough day winning the bread for his familia.

Here’s my version 🙂


“Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.”

Steve Jobs



Game Face.

I chose the Lyric Typography Poster (DesignAssignment529) the song I chose to do was, Kanye West: Blame Game, I chose this piece of music because, its one of the best songs on a really great album, but mainly because the wordplay here was one of my favourite lyrics when I first heard it, and I recently re-discovered the song.

‘I heard he bought’ some coke with my money,
that ain’t right girl.
You getting blackmailed,
for that white girl.’

So I chose this particular set of lyrics to do, because whenever I listen to this song, this lyric always makes me laugh, I’m not sure If Its the lyrics themselves, or the auto-tuned voice, either way it always raises a smile.

The software I used was Pixlr, you can either use this software online, or you can download it and use the desktop app, I downloaded it, just because I thought there might be more effects. Either way the online version is probably very similar. Pixlr is really easy to use, and allows you to create basic edits of your images.

To make my design, I basically searched into Google images ‘Cocaine’ and used the first HD image I saw, I then put it into Pixlr, and added some sharpness to it, this is easily done, there are a set of sliders on the left hand side, and you simply adjust them to your liking, it shows you its effects in real time. I then added a stock overlay ‘Black and White #7’ this was the best overlay of black and white in my opinion, after this I changed the ‘Hue’ colouring, I brought the green of the note out, this was done to draw the viewers eyes into the image.

Lastly I added text In Pixlr, usually I wouldn’t, I’d take It out and put It into a better program, because most of the time the stock texts that these free programs have are quite poor. But on this occasion I wanted to do the whole design on Pixlr to see how good the program was.The stock texts that this program had were nice, there are hundreds to choose from and you could get lost In them. The only drawback with this whole program is once you’ve written your text and placed It where you wanted, you couldn’t go back and edit It, this meant that I regularly spent a lot of time deleting, and then re-creating text, just to place it in the right place.

The only thing I really did with the text is place it where I wanted on the image, I just made the last few lines slightly larger in size, I also changed the word ‘black’ to the colour black, both were done to make the image stand out more, if you look closely you can see the text isn’t all the same size, or in line, this is again to make the lyrics stand out and be more prominent.

The program itself is very easy to use, and really basic, so you can create nice basic creations if you so choose, My end piece I’m quite happy with because it sums up the lyric quite well, and looks like some sh*t someone would post on Tumblr.


So quirky. #Edgy

Phuket List

These days everyone’s got a Bucket list, and most of them involve travelling to here there and everywhere (Now you find the title of this blog more amusing than offensive right?)

In this task, we were asked to create a visual collage of our Bucket Lists.
When I was 16 I wrote on this tiny little reporter notepad, a list of ‘Goals’, things that I believed I had to achieve before I turned 30. On this list I had 15 different goals, and so far I’ve achieved 3 of them, so not too bad at the moment. In this task though I’ll only tell you my favourite 4.

I chose this assignment because I think its quite nice to put your Bucket List out there for the world to see, because you never know, someone else’s bucket list may align with yours and you could get tips on how to achieve yours. Here’s mine.

Bucket List Visual Assignment
The program I used was an online site called BeFunky , this was the site that was recommended online, and I can see why, its very user friendly. You start with a screen that has 9 empty boxes and you simply click on how many boxes you would like to have in your collage, then you just upload any image you want into any box you like.

Once your images are in the boxes, you can edit them to so they all follow a set style like mine, or just to improve the overall quality of said image. I opted to make all mine black and white, however on the bottom right photo I added a red hue to it, thus bringing the red in Nas’ hat and Cole’s hoody out.

I really enjoyed using Befunky, however I did think that the stock text they had lacked quality and made the whole piece look amateur. But I would definitely use the website again if I was creating something like this.

The reason I picked these 4 to make the collage is because I think these are the ones I want to complete the most. The 1st one is I’d love to run my own clothing line, and to establish a well known brand in street wear clothing, I take a lot of inspiration from BAPE, BBC, and Gosha, however I sometimes feel like some pieces are just slightly overdone, and have always wanted to create Streetwear fashion for the masses.

I’ve always loved music, listening to it and creating it, I like making beats on my laptop, even though I don’t do It as much anymore due to dedicating most of my time to University Work, one day I would love to create my own album, even if I was the only person to ever listen to It. I take inspiration from  loads of different artists all from loads of different genres, I’m a big fan of Neo-soul, and experimental hip-hop, one day i’d love to create an album infused with like 4/5/6 different genres.

When I finish Uni I plan to go to America for a year, and decide if I want to live there, there’s something that’s always drawn me to America, its a mixture of lots of different things really, the fashion, the music, the food, the sport, the weather. Even though its on my list of goals, who knows if I will actually enjoy It. It’d be interesting to see If the American Dream is real or, If Its all a lie sold to us by the the Americans.

Lastly I’ve always wanted to inspire someone, whether that’s through teaching, or just through something I’ve produced, I’ve always kind of wanted it to be musically though, as almost everyone I’m inspired by has created someone just as incredible as them, for instance Kanye was inspired by Jay-Z, and in the photo I used J. Cole was inspired by Nas.

Never Judge A WebPage By Its Cover

“I’m looking for a girlfriend. That’s why I brought binoculars.”
– Jarod Kintz


Obamaninocular’s: The result, of Googling Goggles.

Here is the original article I chose, before remixing it.

If I’m being truthful, this wasn’t an assignment I thought I’d enjoy, saying that, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that these X-Ray Goggles are the best thing to happen to the internet since Supa Hot Fire.

So these little X-Ray Goggles allow you to re-create any page on the internet, obviously your creation doesn’t replace the existing webpage, that could potentially be dangerous, however it does allow you to publish this page and it has its own web address, meaning you can fool your unknowing friends. (Try it!)

After deliberating for around 30 minutes on what I was going to create, I finally focused my attention towards football, and recreating an article on one of the lesser quality papers (The Sun, The Mail, The Metro etc…) None of which are really producing quality pieces anyway, so it might seem more believable.

The reason I think these little X Ray Goggles are brilliant are because it allows anyone to code, usually coding is reserved for the most hardcore computer geeks, but these Goggles are incredibly user friendly. You simply put the Goggles in your bookmarks panel at the top of Google Chrome, and then click on it. BOOM! they’re activated (can be deactivated by pressing your ESC key). From here you can click on anything on the web page, a picture, a video, some text, and edit it till your hearts contempt. Obviously editing pictures and video requires some knowledge of writing code, but text can literally be deleted and you can insert your own. The best part is it looks incredibly professional, if you haven’t heard of the Goggles then you would think it’s a real webpage.

The tip is to read a few articles on said Newspaper, I know this is difficult because, lets say if you chose The Sun you may struggle to actually make it through these articles, but it helps to understand the way they write their pieces, I say write… Anyway this all adds to the overall feel of your fake article, and makes the piece look more realistic.

My page was titled ‘Paul Scholes, Voted The Ugliest Sports Personality Of The Year‘*. Some may say harsh, that’s probably because these people aren’t Liverpool fans, you see for years we (Liverpool, as if I play for them or something) had to see Paul propel his club to incredible heights by playing beautiful football, and we never really had an argument, apart from the fact that he is hideous. Trivial. Petty. Tragic. Is what many would describe this webpage as, but to those people I say, p*ss off.

Paul Scholes was like the odious toad who wouldn’t leave the pond to allow the other, better, prettier fish to roam free, the unloved schoolchild who would always talk in class when people actually wanted to listen, you know the pr*ck you couldn’t call a pr*ck because, well he didn’t really do anything wrong, you just didn’t like him.

If you want to create a page like this (maybe with less hatred) you really should give it a go, these Goggles are so easy its ridiculous, very user friendly and welcoming, 9/10 would Goggle’s again.

*That’s the link for the completed webpage I created.

Giff Rhys Jones

“Now, Piers Morgan is a bit of ****”
Griff Rhys Jones


Griff-in Eck!


Who doesn’t love a good Gif?! Gif’s are some of the best things on the internet, and whenever I’m on Twitter and someone posts one, I have to look! Throughout my blogging experience, I’ve now had the opportunity to make 2 of these little treacle’s, and I enjoyed them both greatly. This time the Gif had to based around ‘people celebrating too early‘. Can’t go wrong with this, there are so many videos on YouTube that are dedicated to people celebrating too early, and I struggled to pick between my two favourites, Desean Jackson being an idiot, I love this one because I actually watched this game on Sky Sports ages ago with my Dad, and we still laugh about it now, or this Oregon runner being a bit too eager. After many laughs and much deliberation I finally settled on the Oregon runner.

To make my Gif I used (as recommended) MakeAGif this site is really easy to use, you simply put the URL of your video into the creator and select at what point you would like the video to start from, the website automatically sets the end point (because the Gif can’t be more than 5 seconds.) Its so quick and easy that you almost feel like its unfair you’re taking the credit, not unfair enough to not take the credit though.

If I had one problem with this website though, it would be that unfortunately you then have a gif, that is plastered in advertisement, obviously they can’t just give this away for free and not get anything from it, so your Gif ends up looking like a Professional Cyclists kit.

When all is said and done though, this is by far the easiest way to make a Gif, so if you’ve always wanted to make one but thought ‘that seems like a lot of effort’ trust me its not, and its something that is well worth the 2 minutes it takes. Just. Do. IT

Hope you enjoy my Gif!


Look at this fool

A PhotoBlitz, With PhotoFitch

The best thing about a picture, is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.”
Andy Warhol.


Set man those 15 minutes?

Flickr: @fitchthelatebloomer

In this task we basically had to take 15 photos in 15 minutes, and then upload our top 5 to Flickr. I chose to stay at home for this task, purely because I live on Narborough Road, and anyone who knows of the place understands its not the most scenic.

The camera I used was a the Canon EOS 7D, I appreciate not everyone would be able to use a camera of such quality, but I’m quite fortunate that the University allows all students to rent out pretty much whatever you like. Sometimes I just rent out a high-end piece of kit for no reason. The camera worked an absolute treat, however I’m not the most ‘knowledgeable’ photographer, so It was kind of like when an overweight middle aged man spends £8,000 on a road bike, pointless.

The quality of a few of my shots were a little bit poor, this is because I had the ISO turned up too high on a couple of shots, which resulted in them coming out a little bit blurry, however I still feel like most of them were okay.

I like the minimalist approach to photos, and that’s what I tried to create when I took these photos, my first photo was a picture of my watch, if you were paying attention earlier, you would have seen we covered this. I like this photo but the fact that the wrist strap isn’t exactly central is really annoying, and makes the photo lack professionalism. however I like the brightness and the overall quality in the picture, but both of these things are kind of to do with the camera and not me, but i’ll still take the credit, I’m like photography’s John Terry . The next photo task was to ‘make something look more interesting’ This is one of my favourites, its really simple actually, its basically a light fitting, taken from underneath. Its quite interesting to see something you never really pay attention to. Next up was ‘a photo of someones hands’ I chose my flatmate Tom, because he was the only one in the house. I took a picture of Toms hands while he was typing away on his laptop being a busybody, I like the angle I shot this at, however as explained earlier I had the ISO turned too high meaning the shot came out blurry, and looked like it was shot on an iPhone instead of an £700 camera. The following task was to ‘convey human emotion’ again I used Tom as my little puppet, I basically just stood there in silence, and waiting for him to laugh to break the awkward tension, and then just snapped a photo, that’s a good trick if you ever want someone to laugh on cue, make them uncomfortable by almost playing dead. The last photo was one that ’emphasized mostly light tones’ I just took a picture from a nice angle of where I store all my shoes, However I think the lighting is really nice in this picture, and for once it would appear that I got the ISO correct.

If you’re going to do this task I’d highly recommend that you remember to make sure your ISO is set correctly, for instance you don’t want a dark photo because you obviously wont be able to see much, and you don’t want your photo being too bright because it will suck the quality out of your shots. Also always, always, always, use the rule of thirds. I can’t stress enough how much of a difference to your shots this will make, always make sure the subject of your shot is always in the middle box, or for interesting more thought provoking shots try and place your subjects where the two lines meet to create the inner box on the thirds.

Anyway. Please enjoy my Photoblitz below 🙂


Would Never Have Guessed, Another Daily Creates.

This Daily create was #TDC1411 Red, it was to find the closest thing to you that is red,and take a photo of it, my object wasn’t very exciting tbh, so i tried to make it look like one of those photo’s you would see on Buzzfeed, #Cool#Edgy #Banking #OnTheGo #NewWave those ones.


Shoutout the Santander Cru.

#TDC1408 was to draw a quick sketch of a dream you’ve had recently and describe it in less than 120 characters.



Drake brought me on stage as a guest, and said ‘a soiree fulla b*tches where ever James Fitch is’ that was pretty much it, then just partied a little bit.


This was actually an old daily create it was #TDC1378 The Eight Day, if i had to make an extra day it would be called #Nasday on this day you could do anything you wanted as long as it could be referenced to the rapper Nas, feel free to take the day off and just listen to his music, or whatever really, as long as you can make it link.

Warrior: A Real Mans Cinderella Story

Kurt Vonnegut’s theory that all stories effectively follow the same story, is true for every film you’ve ever seen, there are 8 categories that the film can fall into, Man in the Hole, Boy Meets Girl, From Bad To Worse, Which way is up, Creation Story, Old Testament, New testament, and finally the one i’ll be focusing on today the Cinderella Story, the Cinderella story is quite self explanatory, it copies the plot of Cinderella, so to start off the protagonist is at the bottom of the happiness scale,  they slowly then begin to get happier, before a big event, which leads to something rather negative, which then brings us to what is usually the last 30-45 minutes of the film, the big finish, this shows the main character, working there way up from absolutely nothing, to ultimate elation. Below i’ll explain how this film fits the theory.

Also don’t be a d*ck, there is obviously going to be spoilers.


IMDB Rating: 8.2/10

Stage 1 – Establishing the Characters

So the film starts off and we meet all of the big 3 characters in the first 15 minutes, Tommy Conlon and his father Paddy, are introduced first, Tommy has returned from being AWOL for a number of years, and has returned to see his father, Tommy resents his father, and his father is ex boxer, who is also a recovering alcoholic, although we don’t know anything about Tommy (he’s an enigma for the first 45 minutes) we do get the sense that he has no hope, we then go across to Brendan Conlon, big Brendan is living the American dream, hes a teacher at the local high school, with a large lavish house, a hot wife, with 2 beautiful kids, and gym in his garage. However all is not what it seems, as Brendan and his wife are struggling to stay afloat #DeadBroke, Brendan tells his wife he is bouncing at a local club on nights after teaching to get more money, but Brendan is actually going there to be paid for bare-knuckle boxing,

Stage 2 – The Come up

Now both brothers start going to the gym, in Tommy’s gym he knocks out Pete ‘Mad Dog’ Grimes, after Grimes’ manager offers any fighter $200 to get in the ring and spar with Mad Dog, the session is filmed by someone in the gym and uploaded to Youtube, He starts training with his father who improves him in a sort of BBC Sports style montage, next thing we know Tommy’s a household name with every Tom, Dick, and Harry, wanting him to compete in ‘Sparta’ ,Sparta is the upcoming MMA event which is (as they describe it) the fighting equivalent of The Superbowl, its a winner takes all sort of situation, where the winner gets 5 million dollars. So now a clip out of nowhere has surfaced showing Tommy rip off the door of a tank while on a tour in Afghanistan or something, so everyone is now like ‘ohhhhh sh*t this guys a hero’. Tommy goes to visit the old army friends wife, his friend died while on tour with Tommy, then we realise that Tommy is supporting this women, and as an audience we think Tommy (who by the way was horrible at the start) is now the dogs b*llocks.

Okay so now its Brendan’s go on the camera, he wins a very close fight in in the parking lot of a strip club in his bare-knuckle league, and his face resembles the elephant man…if he had hay-fever… in high pollen season. Brendan goes to work the next day, and his face is a mess, his students see and know about how he got it, leading him to be fired. Brendan doesn’t have a chance, Leading him to have to go to his old trainer FRANK CAMPANA – quick sidebar, watch this film, for him- Frank is a legend, a very eccentric man, who trains his fighters to classical music to improve their timing and rhythm . Another boxing montage later, and Brendan is at full strength, and in his prime. and then OUTTA NOWHERE Frank’s lead MMA fighter suffers an injury keeping him out of Sparta… 2 seconds later, big man Brendan is back in the game and is now Franks fighter for Sparta.

Stage 3 – Pre Finale so after the inevitable endless media and press conferences that usually come before a big fight, we then see the brothers get through their first 3 fights, leaving a final showdown for 5 million dollars, between the two brothers, as an audience, our allegiances are crossed, both brothers have very compelling stories, and we have to choose one, also this is a pivotal point, because we’re always unsure who the main character is until they eventually win, but before we even get a second to decide who we prefer, BAM, we find out Tommy’s real identity, a man who changed is second name from Conlon to Riorden because he ran away from the war in Iraq, he is set to be arrested after the fight, however you would think Americans would be shocked that he has ran away from the army right? Nope, they’re more amazed that the two fighting in the final are brothers, and now the fight is even more hyped.

Stage 4 – Lé Finale – Ultimate Elation.

As they walk in we see Tommy without his father in his corner, Brendan asks where he is but Tommy won’t say, (I wont ruin why he’s not there) as the fight kicks off, a visibly angry Tommy lays into his brother in the first round, absolutely pummeling Big Brendz face. As we enter the 2nd round, it is effectively much of the same, endless shots to Brendan’s face. Now in the 3rd round, Tommy starts off once again by battering Brendan, but Brendan manages to get his brother in a hold midway through, Tommy attempts to struggle free and then a loud CRACK, is heard, well Tommy’s only gone and snapped his tendon in his arm. Brendan sees this and calls to his trainer in the 3rd round break to stop the fight as he knows his brother is injured. Big Franky Campana though is having none of it, after all there is 5 million up for grabs, he tells Brendz to man up and finish off the fight. Its the 4th round, and as it starts we can see Tommy’s arm is f*cked, but he wishes to continue, and Brendan attempts many times to tell Tommy to quit and stop however its evident Tommy isn’t going to, therefore Brendan decides to just finish it off, he grabs Tommy and throws him to the floor, targeting the injured arm, while hes got Tommy in the hold, both main are visibily tired and emotional, tears roll down their faces, and yours. We then hear Brendan tell his brother he loves him before finishing off the submission and making Tommy tap, big Brendan has only gone and done it. The whole audience is effectively in tears as Brendan rushes to his brothers aid, and helps him leave the arena.

This film is really interesting to apply the Cinderella theory to, because its not your conventional story, as it has 2 heros that battle against each-other, and also lots of other features, but in terms of a timeline it follows almost exactly the same form


Vonnegut’s Cinderella Theory

Warrior Diagram

Warriors timeline of events.